Lodz_Ikara_miniOwner offers for sale a development land intended for warehouse and logistics use with an area of 23 ha located in direct proximity to Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport. According to airport renovation plans, the land for sale provides for cargo services. In accordance with the documents (environmental approval; local spatial management plan under development), the following buildings and infrastructure are to be constructed within the land for sale:

  • 2 buildings intended for warehouse and industry purposes with a total area of 100 962 m2 (10,1 ha);
  • parking lots and communication system within the investment land with a total area of 87 952.05 2;
  • as well as 3 retention reservoirs intended for rainwater;
  • arrangement of greenery within the investment area;
  • construction of necessary infrastructure.

The planned warehouse and industry buildings will not be more than 14.3 metre high; additionally, 103 parking spaces for trucks and 408 for passenger cars will be built. The main access to the warehouses is to be constructed from ul. Sanitariuszek, with the second entrance (open only during the day) going from ul. Ikara.

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The land for sale is located between the streets Sanitariuszek and Ikara in direct proximity to the railway line offering a possibility to construct a railway siding on the site. The land benefits from a great location, about 1.5 km from the planned interchange Rypułtowice, by the expressway S14 under construction as well as by DK 71 which joins A1 and A2 in Rzgów.

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