St. Paul’s is a successful property development company which has been in business in the UK for almost 20 years. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Headquartered in the North of England, the company has developed sites for commercial industrial and residential use and is particularly well known for its ability to undertake the difficult and ambitious renovation of “brown-field” sites. Notable examples of such redevelopment projects are the reclamation by St. Paul’s of the former Cortonwood colliery near Rotherham, and the creation of offices and industrial sites on the disused mining area of Brookfields , south Yorkshire. In both cases, the developments successfully regenerated sizable areas suffering from the effects of industrial decline and triggered the attraction of new industries and investors into the region. At the same time substantial new investment resulted in a dramatic environmental improvement to the area, to the benefit of both local employers and communities.

St. Paul’s has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to complete challenging development projects and to create attractive locations for business and residential use. St. Paul’s is now committed to applying its skills and resources to a Polish environment and the development of Textorial Park is the first of several such projects envisaged over coming years.

A group of several of our companies associated with capital has several properties classified currently for sale or rent. Their offers we present on this website. From potential customers, we also expect to proposals for collective investment for our revitalized brownfields.